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drowning in the red-white-blue :iconyourcure:yourcure 0 0
A prevailing cough, a mini skirt, and black high tops.
P roblems are stacking up, adolescence and relationships don't mix well with me.
A hello turns into a kiss and a kiss turns into a fuck. I am the loser here.
T he real winners are those who aren't involved; I am selfish. Sorry.
H eadaches and heart throbs are killing me. I'm selling my soul for lust
Y our hateful, revenge-filled words are eating me inside out. Not so pretty now...
:iconyourcure:yourcure 1 2
You are yelling,
you are screaming.
And so am I.
We are yelling and screaming
at eachother.
But neither of us
hear a
god-damn word
the other is saying.
Why me, oh why me?
The self-pity is sinking in.
Our anger at eachother
has run dry and
all that is left are
tears of black mascara
and shame.
The honesty has been
shouted out for us and
the neighbors to know.
Pent-up feelings from
the last seven months have
just been revealed.
A shared cigarette
on a weary park bench
calmed us down
while we sadly talked of a
new found dislike
we have
for one another.
There were sparse giggles
and a dozen more tears
as we reminisced of old times
we slowly came
to realize
there would be no
new memories to
speak of.
Lets admit it.
Last year is over
and trying to
the good times
speaking of it all as if
it had all happened yesterday
won't bring any of it back.
Letting the past be
the past is hard.
But trying to hold on to us now is harder.
:iconyourcure:yourcure 1 2
Anxiety Attack by yourcure Anxiety Attack :iconyourcure:yourcure 0 0 Oh darling please no by yourcure Oh darling please no :iconyourcure:yourcure 0 0
I was out for a walk.
My heart was aching for someone to reach out and care.
The streetlamps rejected me everytime I walked past them.
the trees seemed to move away and the houses window eyes seemed to look away
I heard a low growling sound and barking and a dog appeared from the shadows.
Still advancing.
Still advancing.
I guess I looked territorial in my over-worn jeans, ArmorAll sweater and flipflops.
I stomped my foot and pointed away from me and shouted, "GO HOME!"
Defeated, the dog retreated to a hole under a fence.
Ironic it seems.
Where would I go if someone said that to me?
:iconyourcure:yourcure 0 2
Seam Ripper
Your pulling me apart at the seams,
Im stubborn, but you are stronger.
I step over all the cracks and walk around
the ladders, but still my back is breaking
with the weight of my bad fortune because
you still haven't come back.
Motivation has lost it's meaning,
you were my soberity.
And again I have been drinking from empty bottles
alone in my room, licking my fingers trying to
get one last taste of whatever we had.
I hope everything I was to you doesnt crumble
like that statuette I made you.
Never talking again would be tragic,
so please, please, please
dont let this be a never thing.
5:55 make a wish
:iconyourcure:yourcure 0 0
The truth is__
I'm sick of being alone. I've sold
all my ghosts to the past and it's done nothing
but make me sick.
You tell me Im pretty like a trainwreck.
I'm worthless with or without you. But with your hand in mine I had reason.
Im in a freezing cold shower and going into a self-induced coma.
The problem is, Im afraid to step out onto warm linoleum and look
at myself, stripped of my disguise.
My vanity alone could kill you;
Oh but darling tell me please.
How did my vanity get such a mess?
:iconyourcure:yourcure 0 0
Once again by yourcure Once again :iconyourcure:yourcure 0 4 Loss of Composure by yourcure Loss of Composure :iconyourcure:yourcure 0 0 The Delicate arch by yourcure The Delicate arch :iconyourcure:yourcure 1 3 Rock Climbing by yourcure Rock Climbing :iconyourcure:yourcure 0 0
Drunken Confessions Pt. 1
"I'm still in love with him" she slurred to her four walls.
Her beige wall infront of her said, "Honey you never stopped loving him."   
"Your riiiight! I should call him and tell him that righnow!"
The west wall didn't respond.
She grabbed the phone knocking all of her make-up off of her nightstand in the process.
"You've reached Cody. Please leave a message after the tone."
"I hope you know I still love yooou...please come home. I never stopped loving you! I made a mistake; please love me." she cried.
Tears poured down her face melting her remaining composure.
"I'm sleepwalking without you here. I'm nothing. I love you so much; I'd die fo-" another beep cut her off.
Her time was up.
She threw down her phone and sunk to the floor holding her head.
"There, there." the walls told her.
When she didn't respond she was cradled in their pityful silence.
It rocked her to sleep where she didn't awake.
:iconyourcure:yourcure 0 0
Nausea by yourcure Nausea :iconyourcure:yourcure 0 0 Cigarette by yourcure Cigarette :iconyourcure:yourcure 0 5 Fuck you by yourcure Fuck you :iconyourcure:yourcure 0 3


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United States
Current Residence: Salt Lake City
Favourite genre of music: Techno, Emo, Electronica, Indie, Metal, Oldies
Wallpaper of choice: Floral
Skin of choice: WearYourOwnSkinMan
Favourite cartoon character: Hobbes
Personal Quote: You Live On your Knees, I'd rather die on my feet
I wish I was a hippy in the 60's.
I drink more tea than my Grandma does.
My Step-Grandpa is the sewing machine doctor. Speaking of sewing machines my friends mother got her finger caught in an industrial embroidery machine, strangest thing I have seen all year, thinking about it makes me kind of sick.
I always want to write something, but there is always a part of me that is terrified that someone will read it and think, "That girl is fucked up."
I think Americans are incredibly lazy and we are all slobs. I think it, see it, and live it. I haven't done anything about it. Sometimes when i wake up though the first thing I do is Jane Fonda.
I once made this ceramic monster pot that was supposed to be a change bank and he was about a foot tall, and before he got put in the kiln someone dropped him and broke off the majority of his horns, and then when I got him back from the kiln, the top of the pot didn't fit onto his head and his mouth was too small to fit quarters. My friends pot I swear got smashed by the teacher because she hated her.
I used to love playing checkers but now I just dont have the strategy I used to and I hate it. It makes me sad sometimes.
My mother constantly tells me I need to assume some kind of responsibility and get a job and graduate a year early. I am just terrified of growing up. I am just a junior in highschool and I am going to be graduating. A job is one thing but getting out of highschool early? I just want to be a kid, but I guess it's okay because then I will get rid of all of the highschool drama bullshit 10x faster.
I have always wanted to work at a laundromat but my mom always scared me away from them saying that any junky could come in and kill just for a few dollars cash, maybe
it would be better that way.
But I want to be atleat 50.
The end of the world scares the shit out of me, but I talk about it a lot. But I guess the end of anyones world is when they die because I dont think there is any afterlife at all, so why worry about the end of the world because when I die, god forbid that be soon, it wont matter because my soul will just cease to exist.


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you're so pretty!
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you are a talented portrait photographer. i really like it. and i've looked at some of your prose and poetry and i like them too!
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i've just taken a look around your page, and i must say i'm quite impressed. the whole photographic style of really spontaneous stuff is very unique. and you are also very beautiful (blushblushblush.)
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Yeeee, trainspotting is an awesome one
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ShinjiObsessed Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2004
ahh i love your stuff, espieccially your poetry ^^ :hug: imma stalk you now >:3
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yay, I've always wanted one.
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